Open Afternoon and Appointment Slip

A note went home today about the upcoming open afternoon for parents/carers of P1-7 children which will be held on Monday October the 3rd. Below is a copy of this note and a copy of the parent/carer appointment request form. Please note- these request forms should be returned by next Monday (26th September) if possible, to allow us time to make all the appointments and get the slips back to you so you can make childcare arrangements if needed.

The Early Learning and Childcare Centre is also having an open day on the same day. Information about this will be going home with ELCC children on Monday.




Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday

The P7 class entertained everyone on Monday with an assembly to celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday. To get some information for this assembly, P7 surveyed all the P3-7s and it showed that Noss Primary’s favourite seven Roald Dahl books are;

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  2. The Twits
  3. James and the Giant Peach
  4. George’s Marvellous Medicine
  5. The BFG
  6. Matilda
  7. The Witches

Everyone who entered the Roald Dahl quizzes received a ‘Golden Ticket’ as a prize. We were absolutely delighted at the number of children who entered the quizzes so well done to you all. We hope you all have your Golden Ticket proudly displayed at home somewhere for everyone to see.


P4 Green Help the Environment

On Monday the 19th of September the P4 Green class went with Marina Swanson, the Countryside Ranger, to the North Baths to do a litter pick.  The children all enjoyed this activity very much. They were eager to collect as much litter as possible. They collected different items such as tyres, broken toys, fishing ropes, etc. but the most litter they collected was plastic bottles. Each team had a recorder and every time they found an item they had to shout its name to the recorder who wrote it down on a sheet.  They all worked very well as a team and really enjoyed the experience.



P7 ‘Safe Highlanders’ event and final Holiday Photos

On Tuesday the 6th of September all the P7 children attended a ‘Safe Highlanders’ event in the Assembly Rooms.

The activities included; Internet Safety, Road Safety from Police Scotland, Construction Safety Awareness from Morrsion’s Construction, Alcohol and Drug Awareness, SSE, Fire Prevention and First Aid skills.

The pupils all really enjoyed the workshops and learned useful skills they can use in real life. See photographs below.


Below are the last of the Noss logo holiday photographs. Again, a huge thanks to everyone who took the time to participate.


P4/5 learn about Ugandan charity project


This summer a team of 6 students from Edinburgh Global Partnership travelled to the Kamuli district in Uganda to help with the construction of a ginger storage unit. Throughout the year they fundraised the total cost of the storage unit. On the project they worked for 8 weeks with the builders on jobs such as moving bricks and cement and painting. The project is intended to fight extreme poverty in rural Uganda. The charity, Ugandan Community Farm, provides farmers with ginger which they then grow. The storage unit means that they can now store their ginger crop until they can sell it for the best price.

P4/5 were very lucky to have a member of this team to come in to tell them about his project. John Coghill gave a talk to the class on 7th Sept about the Ugandan Project he was a part of and the Ugandan safari he went on after the project was complete.

His mum (Mrs Coghill) provided the gingerbread men biscuits which everyone really enjoyed after the talk! P4/5’s writing lesson this week was writing thank you letters to John telling him how much they enjoyed his visit and hoping he might be able to come back and talk to them about other things in the future.

Below are some photographs taken during the visit.