Spooky Story Competition

Below is a message from Mrs Peat, the network librarian working at Wick Library. If you can write a spooky story you may be in with a chance to win an I-pad Air. Click on the link at the bottom to download an entry form. Good luck!


I would like to draw your attention to the spooky story competition being run through the libraries and MFR https://www.highlifehighland.com/blog/news/latest-news/spooky-story-competition/

The age ranges are 7 and under, 8-12, 13-17 and adult. HLH staff and family are not allowed to take part.

I will be running workshops in the library on the 9th of October to help get the brain thinking and the words on the page, the ‘7 and under’s’ is at 10am and the 8-12 at 11am, all welcome and it is a drop in style. I will have older workshops on Tuesday if any staff or older folk want to come along.  The closing date is in the middle of the holidays – 13th Oct 5pm at Wick Library.

Thanks in hope,




Across the Ages at Noss

The months of September and October contain a number of days dedicated to the family and the older generation.  September 2nd to September 9th marked Family Learning Week.  Grandparents Day took place on September 10th and International Day of Older Persons takes place on October 1st.

To mark these occasions, Noss Primary School worked with Caithness HLH Adult Learning and the Caithness Generations Working Together Group to host nineteen grandparents across three classes who engaged in question and answer sessions with Primary 3/4Y and both Primary 7 classes. The Primary 7 pupils also gathered photos from an older family member and these will be displayed at the Parents’ Open Afternoon at the school early next month.

It was lovely that we had such a good turnout of grandparents, we were pleased to work with the two different agencies and hope to be able to cooperate with them again in the future. The pupils were really excited about their grandparents coming in to school.

Nina Mackay from HLH Adult Learning said, “The visits went really well and it was a positive experience for everyone involved. The grandparents and the pupils both enjoyed the experience. The view was echoed by Caithness Generations Working Together Coordinator Kirsteen Campbell who said, “We wanted to challenge stereotypes about age and to highlight the help and support grandparents provide and also to encourage viewing grandparents as individuals. It went really well.”

Below are some photographs taken during the visits.


Money for Malawi

As well as our sponsored ‘Water Walk’ next Wednesday and our Malawi display which you can visit on the Open Afternoon and parents’ evenings, we are collecting loose change to try to cover a map of Africa we have set up in the library area. If you have any 5p, 2ps or 1ps lying around, please send them in with your child so they can put them on the map. It would be lovely to get our ‘Change for Change’ map completely covered.

Below are a selection of photographs of the children with some of the donated North and Hillhead sweatshirts, as well as one with a Noss sweatshirt.  All money raised will go towards helping these children. Thank you for your generosity.




Noss ELC go maths mad!

The first ever MATHS WEEK SCOTLAND took place from September 11th – September 15th 2017. The aim of the week was to get people involved in maths and number activities. The Noss Early Learning and Childcare setting asked their families to work on a little project which they could all contribute to, go out looking for numbers in the environment and  have some fun with numbers.


 Children and parents were allocated a number between 1-9 and asked to make their number out of either natural materials, food items or find the number in the environment. Parents then took a photograph of their child along with their specific number. What great pictures we received.  The children really enjoyed sharing them with us!  Many thanks to all the families who contributed to this challenge.

We are now going to make up some little photographic books with a set of numbers. They will be interesting for the children to look through and see the sequence of numbers in each picture. They will be an interesting resource in the book corner.