Parent Council and Bus Pass Information

Next Wednesday  there is an opportunity for all Noss parents to come along to the Parent Council AGM and support our wonderful school.  If you have a child in our Early Learning and Childcare setting or in one of the school classes/SCOPE class, we would love to see you there. The meeting will be at 6.30pm in the school staffroom. See you all there.

Below is a copy of the note which went home with all children today.

Parent Council Meeting and Bus Passes


Noss Logo Photographs

We hope that you have all had a great holiday and that your child/ren have enjoyed their first week back. It is exciting to be starting our first whole year at Noss Primary.  The teachers are all delighted with how well the children have settled in and are mixing and working together.

Below are some of the  Noss logo summer holiday photographs we have received this week. These will be made into a lovely display in the school. It’s not too late if you would like to send your child’s photo in, either a printed copy through schoolbag mail or you can email it to us at  noss.primary@highland.gov.uk.


Happy Holidays

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the children, families and staff members involved with Noss Primary a very happy holiday. This term has flown past and we can’t believe we have finished our very first term already.

The children and staff all joined together at assembly today to mark the end of the school session and to say goodbye to our forty P7s who are leaving to go to Wick High in August.

The children have all been fantastic this term and have settled into their new school brilliantly. We were delighted to see from the parent response sheets returned that 349 out of the 350 responses strongly agreed or agreed with the statement, ‘My child has settled well into Noss Primary’. We hope this will continue after the holidays when the classes all join together.

For the second statement, ‘I am happy with the amount of information I have received about what is happening in the school,’ 340 out of the 350 responses were positive with only 10 people disagreeing. We will continue to try to keep you informed next session with class newsletters and monthly Noss Newsletters as well as posting here on the website and passing on information through the school’s Facebook page.

For the last statement, ‘Overall, I am happy with my child’s education at Noss Primary School,’ we were delighted to see that 348 out of the 350 responses agreed and over 70% of responses indicated that they strongly agreed with this statement.

REMINDER – Don’t forget to take your Noss logo holiday snap and either email it to the school at noss.primary@highland.gov.uk or bring a photo in when school starts again on Tuesday 16th August. (Monday 15th for staff.)

Happy holidays everyone! 


P4 Green Trips

P4 Green have been very busy this term, here is some information and photos from P4 about two trips they went on.

“We went on a trip to Tesco to look at farm to fork produce. Children had a go at working the till and looked at different areas of the supermarket. They saw the baker making pancakes, the fish counter, the freezer, etc…The visit ended with all the children getting a pancake and a goodie bag. They had a fantastic time.”

“For our end of year trip we went to the Rosebank playing fields and we had lunch at the corner cafe .We then went to the Riverside Park.”